Defense by Nonviolent Resistance

Introduction to the NVRPP

For its 2016 campaign the USPP has modified its name to NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE/PACIFIST PARTY. United States Pacifist Party (USPP) is designed to give expression within a democratic, electoral context to the belief that military power profoundly contradicts many religious and philosophic principles, and is a practical mistake in our time. It sees military traditions and institutions as the key obstacle to the solution of major social evils, such as war, the arms race, poverty, and political oppression. . . . Read the party history.

The mathematical Apocalypse Equation estimates the risk of disaster from nuclear warheads.
Read the explanation.

To download Bradford Lyttle's "The Flaw in Deterence" book, click on the title.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign

Bradford Lyttle, Presidential Candidate
Hannah Walsh, Vice-Presidential Candidate

2016 U.S. Pacifist Party Platform

A 7-minute interview with Bradford Lyttle
KGNU Radio, Boulder, CO, Oct. 24, 2016

Bradford Lyttle leafleting on Oct. 23 at
ColoradoYMCA, Estes Park, Camp of the Rockies
Bradford Lyttle leafletting in Colorado

Click on the image below to see the leaflet
NVRPP leaflet


The Autobiography of Bradford Lyttle

Peace Activist - Autiobiography of Bradford Lyttle

Published June 27, 2014, by Dog Ear Publishing
8.5" x 11" perfect bound; 1040 pp; paperback or ebook

Available from Dog Ear Publishing for $39.95
Amazon for $39.07
Kindle ebook for $9.99

Letter to President Vladimir Putin
(June 2013)

Letter to Barack Obama

Brad Lyttle’s 2011 Peace Pilgrimage to Afghanistan

New Year's Day in Kabul


Defense by Nonviolent Resistance
Solar Power
Troops Home Now
The 11th Commandment: Resist All Injustices Nonviolently" button
Click on the video below to see Vanderbilt University’s Oct. 8, 2008,
Third Party Debate, which included Bradford Lyttle debating the United
States Pacifist Party position with other third party candidates and
party representatives.

For a picture of Brad debating at Cypress College,
Cypress, CA, on Oct. 28, 2008, click here.

Bradford Lyttle
is running for President as a write-in candidate.
Read the complete 2008 platform.
Open letter from the candidate. pdf

Campaign buttons

Watch this site for commentaries related to policy statements.

For further information about the USPP, please e-mail or phone:

Tel: 773-324-0654
Fax: 773-324-0654
Downloadable .PDF files: (right-click and choose "save target as...")
2008 Platform
campaign buttons
nonviolence bumper sticker
troops home now bumper sticker  
solar power bumper sticker

Bradford Lyttle has announced his candidacy for the 2008 election. He has extensive experience supporting pacifist causes thoughout the United States and the world.

Statement on prison reform
Statement on abortion
Healthcare policy (link)
Nonviolent Resistance Projects throughout the World (link)

Explore pacifism using these links to the websites of other pacifist organizations and to essays supporting pacifist solutions.

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