2008 platform (Ver. 021808)


The United States Pacifist Party (USPP) rejects military force as a means of resolving international disputes. USPP members

believe that military force violates the moral principles of the world’s great humanitarian religions and philosophies, and is a “Faustian

bargain,” that may achieve short range political objectives, but only at the cost of long-term catastrophe for the human species. They

believe that nonviolent resistance, as developed by Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, and massive economic aid

programs to eliminate poverty worldwide, are appropriate and effective ways to resist aggression and tyranny. Major planks of the

USPP’s 2008 plafform include:


International Relations


-Withdrawal of all military forces from Iraq.


-Preparation for nonviolent resistance against possible invasion and occupation attempts; This would include establishment of

a national Department of Peace, and an unarmed service corps trained in strategic nonviolent defense and equipped for mobilization

anywhere in the world;


-Deactivation of all nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons;


-Elimination of the Strategic Defense initiative;


-Abolition of all aspects of the Selective Service System;


-Complete disarmament, through negotiations and unilateral actions;


-An end to all overt and covert military aid and “intelligence” operations;


-Repeal of the Patriot Act;


-Reduction of the military budget toward zero;


-Immediate termination of all foreign military aid. Humanitarian foreign aid would be directed toward helping the poor meet

their basic human needs and become self-sufficient. Aid to foreign governments generally would be contingent upon exemplary human

rights records. When serious human rights violations are suspected, any aid given would be distributed by trustworthy agencies;


-Establishment of a massive economic aid program to abolish poverty, hunger, disease, homelessnesss and ignorance at home

and worldwide. The aid would be administered by the United Nations;


-Normalization of relations with Cuba. Repeal of the Helms-burton Act, that permits lawsuits against individuals and firms

who make use of land and facilities in Cuba that were nationalized by the Cuban government;


-Support for legitimate, nonviolent, social change movements that are struggling to advance human rights and political



-Support for one-person-one-vote democratic world government;


The Environment


-Inauguration of a crash program to stop and reverse global warming. This would emphasize creating a global solar power

system that could provide sufficient electrical energy for everyone on earth. It would be based on passive and active solar power

generating systems, associated with pumped water, compressed air, and battery storage systems, and, where possible, connected by

high voltage, direct current, grids. It would make only limited and tightly controlled use of fossil fueled plants. Nuclear power plants

would be shut down, and all nuclear and fusion energy research would be placed under international control. The humanitarian

principle of such a system is that all people are entitled to free electrical power sufficient for their needs.


-Ending of private logging, grazing, and oil drilling on public lands;


-Special taxes on polluting industries to provide incentives for reducing pollution, and revenue for funding other

environmental protection programs;


Health Care


Creation of a Canadian-style, single-payer national health care system with universal access, comprehensive coverage, and

freedom of choice in the selection of doctors, medical facilities, and methods of treatment;




Unrestricted immigration. Health and educations needs of immigrants would be paid for from the hundreds of millions of

dollars saved by shutting down the military “defense” system;


Domestic Economy


-Full employment through private enterprises, cooperatives, worker-controlled and managed industries, and federally

administered public projects;


-A guaranteed minimum income for U.S. citizens through the establishment of a negative income tax (A negative income tax

gives checks to people whose income lies below the poverty level);


Civil Liberties and Civil Rights


-Opposition to all forms of racial, sexual, and religious discrimination, and all unjust socio-economic barriers;


-Abolition of the death penalty;


-Ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns and assault weapons;


-Support for national and international family planning programs;


-Support for a Constitutional amendment banning discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation;


-Opposition to any restrictions on the right to freedom of travel and migration across U.S. borders;


Election Reform


-Limitation of campaign spending. Establishment of fair and open ballot access laws. Establishment of public campaign

financing and provision of equal access to public television and radio for all ballot-certified candidates;


-Support for the principle of proportional representation in national elections.


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