Political and Pacifist Action

Bradford Lyttle has orgnized and participated in numerous public rallys and demonstrations against war, equipment for war, and taxes for war. He has participated in projects to oppose the Vietnam War, the Gulf War against Iraq, and the war in Bosnia. He has traveled to these countries to support peace initiatives of these projects and peace movements in those countries. He has several times been arrested for his non-violent actions.

In 1983, Bradford Lyttle founded the United States Pacifist Party. In 1984 and 1996, he was the United States Pacifist Party candidate for President.


Bradford Lyttle received degrees from Earlham College  (B.A., philosophy, 1949), University of Chicago (M.A., English literature, 1951), and University of Illinois at Chicago (M.A., political science, 1976).

Organizational Affiliations

Member of Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), Peacemakers, United States Pacifist Party, War Resisters League (WRL), and Wider Quaker Fellowship.

Selected  Writing

  • The Name of the Game; An essay on logical strategies for peace; 1997
  • The Enola Gay and the Apocalypse Equation; An essay on nuclear deterrence; 1995
  • The Chicago Anti-Vietnam War Movement; A study of the background, development, character, and possible consequences of the anti-Vietnam War movement in Chicago; A 173-page book published April, 1988.
  • The Apocalypse Equation;  Two letters to Harvard Magazine, regarding a mathematical analysis of the failure probability of deterrence; 1982.
  • The Flaw in Deterrence; A detailed examination of deterrence's failure probability; 71-page booklet; 1982.
  • May Ninth; Commentaries by David Gelber, Fred Halstead, Arthur Waskow and Bradford Lyttle; A booklet about the Washington anti-Cambodian invasion demonstrations; 1970; 20pp.
  • Political Power: Quotations and Reflections; Includes an analysis of Gandhi's sources of influence and power; c. 1965; 44pp.


Adin Ballou Grassroots Peace Award of the Unitarian/Universalist Association, 1987
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More detailed and extended lists of Bradford Lyttle's projects and writing are included in a detailed credential list.

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